Break free from institutional lending

Funding Branch is a new alternative to traditional floor plan lenders who have been driving up costs and fees in our industry for decades. Our model starts with a clear understanding of the challenges dealers are facing, today, and resolving them from the bottom up with simple, clear and transparent solutions.

Funding Branch is invested in a long-term relationship with you.

Formed by professionals who worked on the lot, like you, our relationship managers help you grow your business quickly while you avoid the nickel and dime fees charged by other floor plan lenders. We want to know you, visit your business and work with you as a partner.

Keep the profit in your business

Big banks have been slowly picking away at dealer profit margins for years and we have had enough of it. You need quick access to working capital that carries fewer strings attached. Our relationship managers will meet with you, in-person, and help you work out a plan that builds your business in a steady, predictable way. No more surprise fees or penalties for minor issues.

With Funding Branch, you’ll always know where you stand. And where you stand is on solid ground!