Made for dealers by dealers.

We’ve been as frustrated as you have by big, faceless institutional lenders that seem to exist solely to levy fees on dealers. We set out to make a change. We chose to be the lender who would help dealers, rather than prey on them. Floor plans are always going to be a thing, but it doesn’t have to be a dread or a fear, worrying about the next penalty. Your Funding Branch Floor Plan is the fuel that will drive your business. With a respectful, honest approach we come at you straight. We know it’s us-vs.-them, and we absolutely want to be on your side. We believe we have solved the issue and want to help all our dealer partners not just survive, but prosper!

Everything You Need Without The Hassles

Cost reduction

No surprise fees or penalties. Keep the profits you planned on when you stocked your lot. We know how aggravating it can be to watch your margins slip away and we are determined to bring a different experience to our dealer partners.


We meet you where you are and are willing to fund any sort of buy, not just cars. Whether it’s a boat or a tractor, we help you fund the sale and satisfy your customer. We are as flexible as you need to be.


We understand why “now” matters and we are here to help fund you, today. We’ve removed the multiple layers of review, making it substantially easier to get funding from us and make your purchase. We get it… you don’t have time to wait!

access to capital

We can bring you all the power of the national institutional lenders and get you capital fast! The difference is we don’t come with all sorts of strings attached. We get you clean capital that you can count on.

Your Funding Branch Floor Plan is the fuel that will drive your business.