Quickly build your inventory at predictable costs.

Funding Branch is a regional provider of floor plans to independent auto dealers looking to build their inventory with minimal cash outlay. Our goal is to provide our dealer partner maximum cash flow so they can operate without the typical stress and aggravation of peaks and valleys. As veterans in the industry, we understand the frustration that other lenders have cause dealers in the form of fees and expenses that seem to chip away at your profits. We designed a different model that helps you keep your profit in your business.

Funding Branch is a different lender, breaking away from the typical “fee-based” model that chews away at your margins. We focus on your long-term growth and help you build your business so that we all have a bright future. We are clear, transparent and honest – what you see is what you get.

We’re there with you, in person, helping you make wise decisions. We aren’t like other lenders who creep into your management and try to force you into their way of doing business. Instead, we adapt to your needs, stay flexible and meet you where you are. You’ll speak with the same representative every time, guaranteeing that you know where you stand and helping you feel secure in your buying. We trust you to make great decisions and we expect to earn your trust, everyday.

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